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25 years manufacturing heavy lifting equipment and machinery movers around the world. “Ox Worldwide” specialized in heavy lifting equipment, material handling, and lifting of loads. The company was created with the mission to provide professional solutions for the transport and lifting of heavy loads in a safe and controlled way. Ox Worldwide is part of the CFB Group.

We are based in Barcelona Spain, we work with national companies and the rest of the continents. In recent years we are immersed in an export process that accounts for more than 50% of our turnover.

 It was created in 1992 and specialized in the manufacture of heavy lifting equipment “Ox Worldwide” was born with Cranes sector, from here we expanded to other markets / sectors as the wind energy, naval, railwayoil & gasoffshorenuclear energyautomotiveaeronauticproject cargosteel, logistics and small company around the world, thanks to the best practices integrated in our values as a company, highly trained teams, an engineering company that always bets on innovation,

At Ox Worldwide, assistance and advice is our commitment to the customer. We have qualified personnel, adequate facilities and we can send you all kinds of product information: dimensions, detail plans, certificates, instruction manuals, etc …

“Our priority is to provide effective, profitable and safe solutions, to ensure long-term business relationships, through customer satisfaction”
Emilio Blasco , founder of Ox Worldwide

We have managed to manufacture and distribute our equipment with the highest standards of quality and safety, operating with increasing efficiency. For this it is essential to pass the highest quality controls.

Highlight among them our: self-propelled trolleysspreader beamslifting beamscoil carstransfer carsC hooksload rotators, turning devicescontainer spreaders.
We have a team of engineers in elevation and structural engineering and highly qualified operators, allows us to work hand in hand with customers to develop the best lifting solutions for any type of load and give the best commercial offer.

All our equipment have an identity label on the unit structure. The model, manufacturer, serial number, SWL, year of manufacturing and conformity with CE norms are shown in it.

Instructions manual
Ox Worldwide always delivers its products with the proper instructions manual. This manual contains detailed information, maintenance book, checking points, inspections, etc…

Cetificate of aproval ISO 9001, ISO 3834, DNV
At CFB – Ox Worldwide, the quality of the whole productive process is guaranteed by periodic inspections and approval certificates by Lloyd Register Quality Assurance. The Quality Management System is applicable to Design and Production of material handling equipment.

Warranty of quality. The products of Ox Worldwide are designed and manufactured in accordance with a quality control.
The quality of the whole productive process of Ox Worldwide is guaranteed by periodic inspections

Certificate of conformity The products of Ox Worldwide have a certificate of conformity, declaring that the equipment delivered has been designed, manufactured and sold in the european community in accordance with all the security and health basics detailed in those norms.

We have the factory completely adequate with all facilities and the best machinery for the manufacture and distribution of our products,

We started in our factory of 1800m2, which have allow for us to grow and establish ourselves in the market, and last year we acquired another delegation that helps us at a logistic operations and to diversify the products of the Cargo Flet Blasant S.L.

Our vision
There isn’t doubt that the world of charges industrialists is plunged into a long process of transformation. In this context, Ox Worldwide mission is to provide solutions effective, profitable.
We strive to meet and exceed expectations and requirements of our clients.

Our task
We act in an agile and flexible way, focusing always in solutions that adapt to the customer needs, we provide to our customers services designed to develop lasting and honest associations.

Standard price lists can be modified without notice.

Accepting Orders
– Orders must be sent in written and accepting Ox Worldwide quotation.
– Ox Wordlwide has no responsability for any order received having incorrect data, code errors, etc.
– No orders will be accepted after non-payment or not accepted return of materials.

– Prices are EXW and for goods placed in our warehouse.
– Free delivered shimpents are to be agreed.
– Any delivery sent by urgent transportation will be paid by the customer.

Warranty & features
– Dimensions and sizes are informative and can be modified without notice.
– It will be attached a material certificate of all the materials bought. Certificate duplicates will have a charge, that will vary in each case.
– It will be attached an Instructions manual and maintenance use as well as the Inspections History.
– The management of the environmental waste, regarding the delivered packaging, boxes, etc, is responsabililty of the buyer.

Material returns
– No material returns will be accepted after 15 days of the delivery date.
– No material returns by ex-works incoterm will be accepted, except being previously notified and accepted by our sales department.
– Any kind of damage of goods will be discounted from the credit note.

Special products
– In all the range of products manufactured by client request, such as material handling, spreader beams, C hooks, winches, etc, must be paid a 30% when the order has been accepted.

Delivery time
– In special products, normally we deliver products in 4-8 weeks (it will be confirmed when order is accepted).

Cancelling orders
– All the procedures of any cancellation must be sent in written and receive our conformity.
* In the special products, it will be charged the work done until the cancellation date.

Payment conditions & property reservation
– To be agreed in advance: cash sale, letter of credit, receipt within 30 days, etc.
– Ox Worldwide is the owner of the products until the whole payment is done.
– Is mandatory for both parties to respect the due date indicated on the invoice (the interbank surcharge will be charged in the event of any delay).
– 2% of discount for early payment.

– The Spanish courts (in Barcelona) shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute, controversy or claim arising under the contract signed between Ox Wordlwide and the client.

Commited to giving you the best solutions!

Beacause we are a solid Group with decades of experience that can give you global solutions of heavy lifting equipment & machinery movers. Together we create solutions!
We remain committed to providing the best solutions and quality services, it is the base of a long-term commitment.
Integrity, trust and responsibility are the indispensable elements to establish close and durables labor relations.!