Legal Statement


OX Worldwide belongs to the CFB group domiciled at c/Mare de Déu de Núria, 4, 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain, with CIF B60267291 making available its website with certain informative content about its activities.

The following general conditions are mandatory to the users of

The following general conditions are exposed to the user in the Ox Worldwide website in all of its pages and for everytime a USER gives personal information in order to be read, printed, filed and accepted through internet, not allowing the USER to give this information without a previous acceptance of these terms.

The access to the OX Worldwide website implies the acceptance of the following general conditions of use that the USER must have confirmed to have fully understood. The USER is compromised to not use the website and the services offered for other activities that may attempt against the law and to respect in every moment the following general conditions:


The OX Worldwide website has been released, on one hand, with the purpose to put some information about its activities available to third parties, and on the other hand, to offer the oportunity to the user to contact OX Worldwide in order to ask for additional information.


2.1.-The use of the OX Worldwide website does not imply a mandatory subscription by the USER, except if the USER wishes to use the data base in OX Worldwide in which a subscription will be needed throughout a basic form, this subcription will be valid under the specified general conditions. The conditions for use and access to the current website are strictly valid according to the current legacy and by a principle of good will compromising the USER to perform a good use of this site. Any action against the current legacy, rights or third parties interests are completely forbidden: the right to intimicy, the data protection and intellectual property, etc. OX Worldwide specifically forbids the following ones:

2.1.1.- To perform actions that may cause any kind of damage in the OX Worldwide systems or to third parties through the web site.

2.1.2.- To perform without the proper authorization any kind of advertising or commercial information directly or surreptitiously, the massive mailing (“spamming”) or the sending of big messages with the purpose of blockading the network servers (“mail bomging”).

2.2.-OX Worldwide will be able to forbid at any time your access to the web site if an unlawful action or a misconduct against the general conditions is taken – see fifth clause.


The incorporated contents on this web site have been elaborated and included by:

3.1.-OX Worldwide using internal and outer sources for which OX Worldwide is only responsible for those internally elaborated.

3.2.- Third parties alienated to OX Worldwide or throughout direct collaborations or even through hiperlinks to other web sites or to news from other sites for which OX Worldwide is not its legal owner. OX Worldwide will not, in any case, be responsible from the contents inserted and does not warranty the proper running of all these links or hyperlinks.

The USER that wishes to link the current web site to his/her own web site will not perform an illegal action or against the good will of the information available to the users in the current web site.

3.3.-OX Worldwide keeps the right to modify at any time any of the current contents on the web site.


4.1.-OX Worldwide  will not be responsible in any case of:

4.1.1.- Failures or incidents that may occur during the communications, so it is not guaranteed that the services from this web site are constantly operative.

4.1.2.- Creating any kind of damage that USERS or third parties may perform on the web site.

4.1.3.- The conditions and features of the items offered on the web site.  OX Worldwide simply establishes contact between companies and professionals that offer or demand these articles but is not responsible for negotiations or future agreements that these companies or professionals may perform having these users the responsability for the proper running of these machines.

4.2.- OX Worldwide keeps the right to suspend the access without previous notice in a discretionary way and temporaly or permanently until the assurance of the responsability of the damage that may occur has been made. Besides, OX Worldwide will cooperate and notify to the local authority these incidents at the moment they do notice that the damage performed may constitute any kind of illicit activity.

4.3.-OX Worldwide assumes the responsabilities that may derive from the assistant of the services offered in the boundaries specified in the different General Conditions of Hire of the services available to the USER.


-OX Worldwide is a registered brand. Any external use by any means of the OX Worldwide is forbidden, which includes name and logotype, except if there has been a previous authorization by OX Worldwide. All rights reserved. Besides, the current website – its contents, its programming and design – is completely protected by the copyright, stating that any kind of copy, communication, distribution, or transformation of the protected elements are completely forbidden, with the exception of a previous authorization by OX Worldwide.


– The following general conditions are valid according to the spanish laws. The Courts of Barcelona are competetive in order to solve any controversy or conflict that may derive from the current general conditions, refusing the USER any other privilege that may belong to him/her.


In case any of the clauses of the current document are declared null, the others clauses will still be valid and will be interpreted according the will from the parties and the purpose of the current conditions. OX Worldwide will be able to not perform some of the rights and faculties confered in this document which will not mean in any case the resignation to these rights with the exception of a deliberately recognition by OX Worldwide.

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