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Ox Worldwide Distributors



Ox Worldwide is the global market leader in heavy lifting equipment.

Ox Worldwide distributors do a great job in the logistics of the company.
We’re operating in many different markets, on all continents and in all of the world’s timezones.

Find out what we can do for you.


Ox Worldwide Distributors
Become a distributor and take advantage of all the benefits!

LOOK AT THE ADVANTAGES OF Become an OX Distributor

Ox Worldwide is the global market leader in heavy lifting equipment. We’re operating in many different markets, on all continents and in all of the world’s timezones. Find out what we can do for you! Below we detail the advantages of being part of our network of distributors.

Become an Ox Worldwide distributor…
Together we win!

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Become an Ox Worldwide Distributors and take advantage of all the benefits.

PROFIT MARGIN. You´ll get a preferential price, as well as high margins compared to the end customer. And we´ll help you in the control of Stocks management.
EXPERIENCE. We have extensive experience in the lifting and moving loads market, and a general understanding of the customer needs.
TRAINING — OX ACADEMY. We train your technical / sales team in person or online and train your customer maintenance team. With a formative YouTube Channel.
R&D DEPARTMENT. We have an engineering and R&D team dedicated to the continuous improvement and design of equipment in accordance with the market needs and customer requests.
MARKETING. Marketing team, who will help you in the process of attracting new leads and
customers. Placing at your disposal:
– Customizable products with your brand image.
– Access to our content library to make your own marketing campaigns. This includes brochures, catalogues, product pictures, videos with real loads, video presentations etc …
– We help you position your website in search engines and you will benefit from our presence in the first Google ranking.
– We create Google Ads campaigns in your geographic area.
– Co-marketing, we promote all your products in our wide network of subscribers.
CERTIFICATIONS. We have the certificates of all our equipment (ISO and DNV standards), including load tests. Safety first!
WE DON´T SUPPLY TO THE END CUSTOMER. Commitment to respect the distribution channels, we don´t supply to the end client, we refer our contacts to the zone distributor.

become a distributor

Our network of Ox Worldwide distributors of the world reflects our philosophy:

“Both OX and our Distributors are much better collaborating together than individually. Together We Win! it is an important message that is part of our values as a company “
Rubén Blasco, CEO.

Your success is
our success!
You won’t be alone…
If you grow
we also.

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