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Lifting cushions

AIR CASTER TRANSPORT: The revolutionary transport system by air.

Lifting Cushion are an ideal solution for moving any large, heavy, sensitive, or special object. A precisely controlled flow of air from the Cushion membrane creates a wafer-thin film of air that helps the object float, and by doing so, reducing friction so it can be easily moved. Lifting Cushion offer a great alternative to wheels, rails, or cranes. If there is enough compressed air and the floor is suitable, the weight possibilities are unlimited.




Aerofilm System authorized distributors for Spain and South America.

Lifting cushion or also called Air caster system, can lift and transfer high forces in a constant manner and this is due to a simple but very reliable technique.

These lifting cushions can be used for various purposes and the advantages of a lift cushion compared to a cylinder are enormous.

Lifting cushion Advantages:

• Low construction height
• Long life span
• Relative cheap
• Light of weight
• Simple to install
• Can transfer high forces
• No lubricants are needed, so no fear for oil smudging.

Lifting cushion Ox Worldwide

Imagine. Your product, machine or high-tech equipment floating and moving almost without friction. No more floor damage due to high point loads. And simple, vibration-free, precise positioning of objects up to 10.000.000 kg(!) All with the power of air.

Practical example


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