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Ox Worldwide. We are glad to be able to supply our equipment with immediate delivery in Stock, throughout our worldwide network of distributors or directly through us.

Let’s say what you need and the next day you will have it at home.


Lifting Spreader Beams up to 600 tons (we can even manufacture for you up to 1.350 ton!

Telescopic Beam Lift up to 600 tons (we can even manufacture for you up to 1.350 ton!

Beam Lifting up to 50 tons

Adjustable beams (Eco Beams) from 1 to 10 tons capacity and from 1 to 4 mt span.

Multilug beams from 10 to 50 tons and 4 meters in length.

Container beams up to 35 tons.

Spreader Frames up to 170 tons

Rotating trolleys until 6 tons.

And more….  Cross beams, etc…

“Certified equipment and with immediate delivery, It’s our effort to satisfy your needs. Contact us we will be happy to assist you quickly”

Rubén Blasco. CEO.


– Paint to specify with the client’s brand color

– Possibility of personalizing with Vinyls and Labels.

– Versatility in configurations, according to standard sections of 1, 2 and 4m. (Spreader Beams)

Stocks Ox Worldwide now you can see how we can help you out with your needs in all kind of lifting and moving of big loads equipment.
All of them are in stock, immediate delivery!
and much more… ask us or to one of our dealers, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Stocks Ox Worldwide Immediate delivery
Stocks Ox Worldwide Immediate delivery 2
Stocks Immediate delivery 3
Stocks Immediate delivery 4


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