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Tilting Coil


Tilting Coil Tong are suitable for use with cranes and lifting coils.

Coil handling device, As Tilting Coil Tong crane and c hook for lifting steel coils!

Do you need to lift & tilt your coil in a minute? Easy & quick positioning of the hydraulic clamp of “Tilting Coil Tong”  “Coil Turning Clamp” or “Coil Tilting Tong”.
Put your coil in vertical or horitzontal with no worries about the security. With the new OX-SELF BALANCING SYSTEM, and controlled by the same overhead crane control or via radio remote control.

Tilting C hooks to manipulate elements with empty core such as coils and strips of Steel/Aluminum/etc, Rolls of wire rod or hose, paper roll, concrete pipes, etc.
They can integrate options such as protections to prevent damaging the material as well as motorized turning, weighing, among others.


The “Tilting Coil Tong” is the definitive solution for turning coils from vertical axis to horizontal axis and vice versa.

Eliminate all risks to people as well as material from coil handling with accessories like chains, slings and even mechanical tipping C-hooks.

The coil handling device also the complete alternative to a floor turner, since these equipments require a large area available to locate the equipment and also an additional space to pass through the front to enter with a forklift or other types of tools such as C hooks, double C hooks or other lifting accessories.

This clamp can be stored in any corner, within reach of the crane hook, on the stand that is supplied as a set.

The turning maneuver can be carried out freely in any open area, for example where the coil is going to be used, in the warehouse for better storage, next to the truck for loading or unloading, etc. They should only temporarily delimit a safe working area.

Coil handling device – both the capacity and the measurements of the coils are not limited and a customized project can be carried out with any range of measurements and weights that are required.


We comply with the provisions in the directives of the European Parlament and from the Council 2006/42/CE, on 17th May 2006, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states on machinery and 2014/30/UE , on 15th December 2004 corresponding to crane C Hooks, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states about electromagnetic compatibility, and it has been manufactured in accordance with the following norms:
– UNE-EN ISO 12100: 2012. Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction
– UNE-EN 13155: 2004+A2:2009. For crane c hook and overhead crane c hook. Security, static equipment for lifting loads.
– UNE-EN ISO 3834-2: 2006. Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials – Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirement FEM5 building section. Lifting speed 20m/min.

Tilting Coil Tong Ox Worldwide
Tilting Coil Tong Ox Worldwide
Tilting Coil Tong Ox Worldwide
Tilting Coil Tong Ox Worldwide
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