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Lifting company with 30 years of experience

Ox Worldwide company is part of the CFB Group. It was created in 1993, as a Lifting company we manufacture heavy lifting equipment to provide high solutions for the transport and lifting loads in a safe and controlled way, in any industrial sector.

We are dedicated to design, manufacture and commercialize heavy lifting equipment, for very specific needs worldwide.

At Ox Worldwide, assistance and advice is our commitment to the customer. We have qualified personnel, adequate facilities and we can send you all kinds of product information: dimensions, detail plans, instruction manuals, etc …

Here you can find our certificates.

Lifting company Ox WORLDWIDE team

Ox Worldwide as a Lifting company have a lifting engineering team in elevation and structural engineering and highly qualified operators, allows us to work hand in hand with customers to develop the best lifting solutions for any type of load and proffer the best commercial offer.

Our engineers of heavy lift are always available to assist the client in all their queries, maintain a direct and transparent communication to ensure that all project processes have a clear and aligned vision of the project.


“Our priority is to provide effective, profitable and safe solutions of heavy lift, to ensure long-term business relationships, through customer satisfaction”

E. Blasco Founder of Ox Worldwide


There isn’t doubt that the world of charges industrialists is plunged into a long process of transformation. In this context, Ox Worldwide mission is to provide solutions effective, profitable. We strive to meet and exceed expectations of our clients.


As lifting company we act in an agile and flexible way, focusing always in solutions that adapt to the customer needs, and always working to reduce the times of each project. We provide to our customers services of heavy lift design to develop lasting and honest associations.

Ox Worldwide Services

is not enough to give the best solution in our products, we also offer a full range of services!

Ox Worldwide as lifting company gives Technical Assistance Service, we always respond with the maximum speed before any incident.
Rental service, we put at your disposal a wide range of products that may need in a timely way.
Training service, totally personalized, to minimize risks and get the most out of our products.
Review service, in order to minimize risks to zero and comply with current regulations to avoid possible penalties to the client.


CLOSENESS. It is essential for us to have a close relationship and an extensive dialogue with the client, putting our knowledge at their service to find out their real needs, actively advise them and offer the most effective, economical and safe alternative.
TRANSPARENCY. Our proposals are clear, without hidden extra costs, no fine print, what it is about is provide to the client only what they need, so we make sure that they get a return on investment safely, a relationship of faith is essential.
HIGH QUALITY. We encourage quality awareness and we demand it, not only from ourselves but also from our partners and suppliers.
SECURITY. Safety is our highest priority, because of that we have a strict quality department, safety can never be compromised. We comply with all laws, regulations and certifications.
INNOVATION. We are not satisfied with adapting to the needs of the market, but we have anticipated them in order to offer more effective, profitable solutions and, for this reason, we invest a large part of the annual budget in research and training.
COMMITMENT. It is not enough to provide the best solution for our products, we also offer a completely personalized training service to minimize risks and get the most out of our products. A careful after-sales service, we always respond as quickly as possible to any incident. And we have a comprehensive review service, in order to minimize risks to zero and comply with current regulations to avoid possible penalties for the client.

Ox Worldwide belongs to the CARGO FLET BLASANT, S.L group, which is a family business focused on the design and manufacture of lifting equipment. Manufacture and marketing of lifting and lashing products and accessories, committed to society and to customer loyalty, therefore the management is committed to the following guidelines:
• Quality is everyone’s responsibility. The number of quality specialists in the organization is equal to the number of people working in it. This implies the training and motivation of all employees to acquire the achievement of an individual commitment.
• We want to do things right the first time, believing in the concept of self-control, each of us is responsible for their jobs.
• In order for our management to be more effective every day, we understand that our mistakes should not be ashamed of us, but that we must learn from them to enter into a process of continuous improvement. We will therefore go from having a passive attitude, correcting errors, to an active attitude, preventing errors before they appear.
• Our objective will always be: zero defects.
• We only work with those subcontractors, suppliers and distributors that have certified our confidence.
• It is our obligation and reason for being to meet all customer requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements in the performance of our services and products.
• We want to put our knowledge at the service of interested parties so that orders, services, works and projects are carried out without problems and according to plan.

Ox Worldwide lifting company PRESENTATION

Product lifting company brochure!

Most selled products

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Spreader beams Ox Worldwide
Spreader beams Ox Worldwide
Telescopic Spreader Beam
Telescopic Spreader Beam
Adjustable Lifting Beam (Eco Beam)
Adjustable Lifting Beam (Eco Beam)
Multi Lug Beam Ox Worldwide
Multi Lug Beam Ox Worldwide
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Self propelled trolley
Self propelled trolley


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