Self powered Trolleys arrive in the U.S.

We are proud of the sale of our first Self powered trolleys Ox Worldwide in the United States (Pennsylvania) specifically an OX TBC-60 TROLLEY that is one of the most versatile and in demand in the market.

For three months we have been in negotiations with few distributors for the sale of our equipment. Because we have focused on this continent, we believe it´s the right time to offer new solutions, thanks to this our export manager together with our engineering department advised them on the most appropriate option for their needs.

Self powered trolleys Ox Worldwide

This business synergy arose thanks to the conviction of the company’s founder, Emilio Blasco, who comments:

“We have identified that there are very limited cooperations between Spain and the United States in the area of ​​lifting and transport equipment of large loads, and we believe that now is the time to expand in that country thanks to the hard change in which it´s immersed our industry, and it’s the moment in which we can offer innovative solutions in markets where before it was very difficult to introduce ourselves

“It’s time, also because we have placed our Self powered Trolleys in a very favorable position with respect to the equipment of the competition, with improvements in performance, autonomy and high load capacities, we have also improved the profit margins to our distributors therefore it´s time to expand to new markets”

“And as it has always been we are commited to continually improve and we are proud that at Ox Worldwide we have an incredible team that makes all this possible. Thanks our distributors for the trust placed in us since we bet on them and provide them with the best resources regarding equipment, accessories, training and marketing.
In conclusion this is our commitment and strategy to expand our activities in new markets

Self powered trolleys Ox Worldwide. How work?

Main advantages of the Self powered Trolley.

The Self powered Trolleys are lightweight equipment, easy to transport to the workplace, with great maneuverability in small spaces and large load capacity. In other words it´s unique for the transport of all types of loads.

This is the most complete model, because it can operate with three-phase mains (380 Vac) or with batteries, and you can choose the type of power supply.

Also comes with an hydraulic pump that creates the elevation of the cylinder and the rotation of the wheels by means of a geared motor.

If you want to know more about our Self powered Trolleys or Self-propelled Trolleys visit this page:

Sample video.

How work our Self powered trolleys?


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