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OX Spreader beam: lifting of huge loads by light customized modular systems

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Spreader Beam

OX Worldwide offers you a complete modular range of spreader beam that allow you to assembly one or many spreader beams from 1 to 34 meters with a capacity of 9 to 1350 tons of load. 

*Available in stock up to 50 tons for sale.

We currently have the models with the most total capacity and more length in the European market! (certificate by DNV)

We are accredited by the DNV Certificate  and the FEM-AEM. We also have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 3834-2.

This is our commitment to the highest quality standards And security, one of our core values.

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– The Spreader beams is designed and manufactured in accordance with current norms.
– Reduced size and weight, that eases and reduces transportation, storage and installation costs.
Easy and fast assembly, following the steps on the instructions manual. An annual checking is mandatory.
Cheap product, replaces a whole range of spreader and beams.
– It is a modular system, you just have to add or remove them in order to have a new spreader beam adjusted to your needs for any lifting work.
– For a lifting of multiple anchorage points you can combine spreader beams vertically.
– All models are delivered with shackles.

As you can check from the examples on your right, we have a wide range of colors that define each and every capacity of our spreader beams.

If your lifting performance requires more specific data, contact us and we will provide you the data of the latest range of the Spreader Beam.


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Corner beams

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Corners are used to join several spreaders into a frame. They are modular, easy to assemble and dissamble and can be adapted t o various configurations and sizes

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