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At Ox Worldwide we design and manufacture industrial transfer car, motorized trolleys and transfer trolleys for all types of tonnages. Whether industrial cars, motorized cars, autonomous cars, rail trolleys or drag cars by cable.

We have served our trasnfer cars and trailers for the wind, naval, railway, hydroelectric and aeronautical industries.

transfer car Ox Worldwide


The Trasnfer cars over rails and autonomous cars are mobile platforms for the transport of all types of loads. The transport surface can be flat, with support plates, or specific elements can be integrated such as double-wedge cradles to support rounds such as ferrules or coils, in the direction of travel or also transverse and one or more coils or rolls of straps with anti-roll system. Thanks to their versatility they have an unlimited field of application in sectors of heavy industry, automotive molds, steel mills, wind power, etc.
There are different classifications of cars according to the type of wheels:
– On rails. With straight path rails, with curved path or even with crossings with other rails.
– On floor with Polyurethane wheels (Vulkollan type) usually Shore 85ºA for interior or mass rubber for exterior.
– Conventional movement (rear-wheel drive type) a steering axle and another drive axle.
– Dual axis movement, two axes both directives and motors simultaneously.
– Omnidirectional movement (multi-wheeler type), several sets of wheels that include independent traction and rotation allowing displacements in all directions.
Classification by type of Power source:
– Power source by means hose reel. Being able to have a socket at one end in the case of short travel or central in case of long travel. You can even motorize the reel in case of very long runs.
– Powered through batteries. Sized according to the expected hours of use. Preferably with a full shift available for recharging although a flotation charging system with a charging station can be provided
– Powered by magnetic induction. Through pick-ups system that allows you to feed, without contact, a cable buried in the floor at ground level (civil works required). It allows integrating a buried cable tracking system that allows you to make curved, circular routes and even with crossings and changes of route. Being able to integrate predefined workstations and command by integrated system in central computer with program type SCADA.



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