Spreader Frame 24 tons & Lifting Beam 34 tons

Spreader frame 24 tons

A hard summer of work with deserved holydays!

This summer our team of engineers as well as all the production staff had a number of projects that as you can see become in a very interesting demonstrative work on the diversity of the CFB group.

We have made these jewels:

Special Lifting Equipment design and produced during this period

Lifting beam 34 tons

lifting beam UTE Ox Worldwide

We have manufactured a Lifting Beam for a four-hook crane connected to a central hook of 4 times capacity.

This type of crane allows a very stable lifting of the load but by other hand and derived from its designed adopts a rigid position it does not absorb the transverse forces of the load lift off-center or misaligned and transmits all these forces to the hook. For this reason, the complete suspension of an orthogonal double-joint system which completely releases the hook from bending stresses has been provided.

Additionally the hook has been provided with a pin locking system which is suspended from a chain so that it will not be lost or dropped and fixed with a small size beta pad.

The tool has 4 support legs for storing and so that the crane hook is not damaged and can be easily managed.

Structurally the tool is designed without load-bearing welds and a C1-quality shot-blasting process has been carried out to withstand aggressive outdoor environments.

Any other configuration can be made to measure and do not hesitate to meet us! «Here» you can see some similar products.

Spreader frame 24 tons

Spreader frame 24 toneladas

Supply of a rectangular Modular Spreader frame 24 tons assembled by our OX SB Modular Spreader Unit and Corner Beam SB 24 (24 t).

OX SB Modular Spreader Beam is a very flexible, economic and lighter range of products for the lifting of large and heavy loads from a single point of crane to connect two remote points.

Also to have four points we can make a composition of several components which you can look several examples in the image below.

The great versatility of the Modular Spreader frame 24 tons makes it optimal for Port, O&G, Wind Energy applications where there are large lifting capacities as well as high hook height. However, if you require a more compact solution or have height limitations in order to have four attachment points at a set height you can make a different option choose a Spreader Frame and with only one hoist element this configuration is achieved.

Spreader frame 24 tons Ox Worldwide

Text from Carles Simon
Head of Technical Office
Tel. 93 289 54 74