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Spreader Beams Ox – Case of Study


Spreader beam purchase process.

The relationship of trust between companies and people, technical solidity, compliance with the agreed conditions and the effectiveness of the solutions presented for specific and demanding sectors – O&G, Energy, Logistics – where safety, technical, logistical and economic profitability are the main goal, are the motto for the success of the products and engineering solutions defined by the group Cargo Flet Blasant | Ox Worldwide.


Spreader beams, Study case, 1

TECI part of TEUFELBERGER Group is a regular customer – Teci has a long history on the market, this very well know brand belongs to Redaelli Tecna Spa, acquired in 2017 by Teufelberger Group of industries – able to develop jointly with the Cargo Flet Blasant group a fruitful distribution of the OX product range.

Delivering the Spreader beam Ox  7,5mt long OX SB 400/600 Spreader Beam would have as its final objective the lifting and maintenance of special steel cable reels for Offshore (O&G) end customers.

This process began in September 2018 with an evaluation of the true customer’s needs regarding the type of product, characteristics of the reels and location of the operation.

At the beginning of April 2019 the order was placed and in 4 weeks the equipment was ready to be sent to the client’s premises in Brescia, Italy. A OX SB 400/600 Modular Spreader solution, certified by DNV and fully designed and manufactured in our facilities in Barcelona – which allowed us to comply fully with the technical, safety and economic requirements that the customer requested, opting for an equipment with sections of 400t and end terminals of 600t, reaching 560t at 45º and 600t at 30º (why beyond what the customer required).

This equipment has been chosen – in addition to the DNV certification – due to its particular characteristics that allow the flexibility of its use in the length and workload, thus, with an easy transport, maintenance and storage.

Once more the distribution business unit TECI has proved its strength and those of the Teufelberger-Redaelli group by supplying the engineering equipment developed by Ox Worldwide.


Spreader beams, Study case, 2

CERTEX group is one of the most important European players in the lifting sector and has a privileged relationship with the actors of the lifting business that makes it a reference company in this field.

In January 2019 we received an initial inquiry for the supply of Modular Lifting Equipment (Spreader beams) that would be negotiated during the following 3 months, according to the characteristics of the operation to be carried out in Denmark.

We believe that the measures would be non-standard, the delivery time would have to be strictly met, and the proposal should be economically reliable.

Once the product was established and the conditions agreed, the required products:

  • Spreader beam OX SB 110/170 – 3800 mm and another OX SB 400/12100mm – were developed and manufactured – that would be involved in a discharge operation of energy equipment in a Danish port, which preparation, manufacture and delivery within the intended period (6 weeks).

This was done successfully, we meet the specific requirements of the customer to send the product already assembled – a serious and demanding work since it was executed in a short time – and directly to the end customer which avoided additional costs

Spreader beams, Study case, 3

“They are satisfied with our product, which makes us glad! this is demonstrated by their interest in other products of ours, our transparent and long-term operations are at the base of our  company.”

Emilio Blasco founder.


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