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Self propelled trolley or Self powered trolley the perfect solution for the displacement, drag and transport of loads.

The Self propelled trolley have a large load capacity from 30 to 200 Tons and a very low height (260 mm up to 450 mm), with the possibility of making complete turns of 360º designed to place them under any type of element and displacement, you can also use models with hydraulic lifting cylinder to load in cars or racks.

They consist of two parts: a tractor and rear trucks that perform a function similar to that of the rear axle of a truck.

In Ox Worlwide from all over the world we have a wide range of self propelled trolley to solve all the needs of displacement of heavy loads. We can separate them into two basic categories: electric and hydraulic.

New Trolleys catalog V.2.

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Self propelled trolley OX-ST


self propelled trolley Ox Worldwide

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Electro-hydraulic + batteries

Self propelled trolley OX-TBC

self propelled trolley Ox Worldwide OX-TBC

The trolleys do work with three-phase energy; besides, we design also trolleys with lifting hydraulic cilinder.


– Great maneouvrability in small spaces.
– Suitable for rough, dusty and uneven surfaces.
Remote control incorporated. Easy and intuitive to drive.
– Reduced and economic maintenance.


OX-ST: Three-phase supply trolley.
OX-TBC: Three-phase supply, battery and load lifting cilinder trolley.

The Ox Worldwide staff can give you advise in order to choose the proper trolley according to your needs.

The self propelled trolley consist of a front rotating traction car (ST-TBC) of reduced dimensions (given the great capacity they have) and a pair of fixed rear trolleys (CT), that perform
a function similar to that of the rear axle of a truck, carrying out the displacement and the maneuvers equivalent to this type of transport, but without limitation in the rotation of the tractor unit.
It supports large loads thanks to its multiple wheels of polyamide wheels and tight diameter, mounted on a tilting system (there is also the possibility of including some wheels of polyurethane to improve traction). It has a very low height because it is designed to be placed under any type of structure, machine or element and thus be able to move them, supported by the load on its rotating plate, with free rotation, which is coordinated with the couple of rear trolleys (CT) or of another type of rolling incorporated under load.
All the self-propelled trolleys are controlled by a radio control or an auxiliary control with cable (both supplied in all the trolleys). Its maximum speed is 5m / min, it is designed for flat use (no inclinations). But it could be used on ramps up to a maximum of 3 degrees (although the certification does not contemplate it and is under the responsibility of the customer, since they do not have brakes, only motor, and the capacity calculated is reduced by including inclination). In case of particular needs, default brake can be incorporated.
At Ox Worldwide we have 2 ranges of motorizd trolleys: OX-ST (three-phase electric) & OX-TBC (electro-hydraulic and batteries + lifting cylinder) to solve all the needs of moving heavy loads and we can also adjust them to the particular requirements of each application.
We are currently working on the fully electric OX-STB version, with mixed power to the grid and batteries, and in a much more compact configuration.
If you need more information do not hesitate to contact our technical and commercial team.

The ST motorized trolley models have direct three-phase power to the grid, without lifting cylinder nor batteries. It consists of the base of the range, being the most economical, since it must be
connected to the grid by means of an electric cable.
To place the load on the self powered trolley, a supplementary system such as lifting a crane or hydraulic jacks is required. (We can also supply them).

Self propelled trolley (turn 360º).
– Power: 380 VAC III 50 Hz. Optional: different tensions and
– Chain and pinion transmission in every wheel.
– Supplied with a remote control and an auxiliar cord control.
– Speed 5 mts/min (or to be agreed). With speed variator.
– Polyamide wheels.

This motorized trolley is the most complete model. This model can operate with three-phase mains (380 Vac) or with batteries. You can choose the type of power supply. It also comes with an hydraulic pump that creates the elevation of the cylinder and the rotation of the wheels by means of a geared motor.

Self propelled trolley (turn 360º).
– Power: 380 VAC III 50 Hz and by battery module. Optional:
different tension and frequency.
— Chain and pinion drive in every wheel.
– Supplied with a remote control and an auxiliar cord control.
– Main rotating hydraulic cylinder (lift 70 mm the whole load).
– Speed: 5 m/min (or to be agreed).
– Polyamide wheels.

In case the floor is very slippery it is recommended to use polyurethane wheels (in combination with polyamide wheels) for better traction.

All TBC self powered trolleys are supplied with a battery box for continuous use of approximately 1 hour (this time may vary depending on the conditions of use, load, type of floor, etc.).
The auxiliary battery box is a box with wheels for quick change of the supplied with the original trolley, so that we double the working time.
The change can be made in one minute.

We supply all our self propelled trolleys with treated wooden box (not included in the price of the trolley) with cover, for better transport and handling.
But we can design any type of box, metallic for example, for better storage.

Do you have a concrete need? Are you looking for a unique application?
Ask us!
Our engineering department will be happy to help you. Vision cameras, laser sensors, shock bars, platforms for large loads …
The possibilities are endless.

We can modify the trolley according to your needs, such as automatic guided by magnetic stripe, laser, gps, etc …
Do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer you the possibility to customize your product by chosing the RAL paint you wish, serigraphy with your company logo, etc…



How a trolleys works

Example with real loads

Example with real loads

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With all the features of each of the trolleys

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