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Reusable Lifting Spreader Beams or Modular Spreader Beam configuration with interchangeable components 


Our Ox spreader beams can lift up wathever you may need. A versatile solution, with modular lengths able to reach up to 36 mts spans, and with capacities from 6 tons up to 1.350 tons, all of them certified by DNV-GL.

Designed by our engineering experts and manufactured in our own specialist facilities. We currently have the models of Modular Spreader Bars with the most total capacity and more length in the European market! (Certificate by DNV).


IN STOCK from 9 to 600 tons, from 1 to 30 meters in length.

Immediate delivery

spreade beam render

Having DNV GL certification or working with certified components positions you as a trusted player in the industry. Whether it’s safety or environmental friendliness, stakeholders in the industry are becoming increasingly demanding. DNV GL certification is therefore a real asset. 

We have obtained DNV-GL quality certification, for our Spreader Beams, a requirement that proves that we work with the highest quality standards.

DNV GL standard DNVGL-ST-0378 – Standard for offshore and platform lifting appliances
DNV GL standard DNVGL-ST-0377 – Standard for shipboard lifting appliances.

DNV certificate Spreader Beams



Advantages of using Spreader Beams

Increase capacity
The beam's design allows for a more efficient distribution of the load.
Apart from saving time, a telescopic section replaces many sections of different sizes necessary for multiple configurations.
Do you need to move loads of various sizes? Quickly change the length. Reduction of maneuver time by 80%.
spreader beam Ox Worldwide


– The Spreader beams is designed and manufactured in accordance with current norms.
– Spreader bar lift reduced size and weight, easy To Transport And Store.
 Easy and fast assembly, the spreader bar hoist following the steps on the instructions manual. An annual checking is mandatory.
– Cheap product, replaces a whole range of lifting trunnion (spreader beam)
– It is a modular system, you just have to add or remove them in order to have a new spreader beam adjusted to your needs for any lifting work.
– Completely watertight terminals: This avoids any leakage of moisture that generates corrosion, ideal for the Maritime, Oil & Gas, Offshore sector.
– For a lifting of multiple anchorage points you can combine spreader beams vertically.
– All models are delivered with Shackles, can be the Bow Shackle, Bow Shackle with safety pin or Wide body bow shackle.

Modular SpreadersBeam are invaluable tools in heavy lifting operations, offering several benefits that contribute to increased efficiency and safety. These specialized lifting devices are designed to evenly distribute the load and provide stability during the lifting process. Here are some of the key advantages of using spreader beams:

  1. Load distribution: modular spreader are specifically engineered to distribute the weight of the load over a wider area, reducing stress on individual lifting points. This ensures that the load remains stable and balanced during lifting operations, minimizing the risk of accidents such as tilting or slipping.
  2. Increased lifting capacity: By using a modular spreader, the lifting capacity of a crane or hoist can be significantly increased. The beam’s design allows for a more efficient distribution of the load, making it possible to lift larger and heavier objects than would otherwise be possible with conventional lifting methods.
  3. Improved control and maneuverability: modular spreader enable better control and maneuverability of the load. The beam’s structure provides attachment points for multiple lifting hooks or straps, allowing for precise positioning and alignment of the load. This level of control enhances safety by minimizing the risk of the load swinging or rotating during lifting operations.
  4. Enhanced safety: Safety is a paramount consideration in heavy lifting operations. Spreader beams help mitigate potential risks by reducing the likelihood of load instability, uneven weight distribution, or excessive stress on lifting points. By ensuring the load remains balanced and secure, spreader beams minimize the chances of accidents, such as load drops or structural failures.
  5. Versatility and adaptability: modular spreader come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different lifting requirements. They can be adjusted or customized to suit specific loads, making them versatile tools for a wide range of lifting operations. Additionally, some spreader beams feature telescopic or modular designs, allowing for easy adjustment and assembly on-site.
  6. Compliance with regulations and standards: The use of modular spreader often aligns with industry regulations and safety standards for heavy lifting operations. These devices are designed and manufactured in accordance with specific load ratings and safety factors, ensuring that they meet the required standards for safe lifting practices.
  7. Time and cost savings: By providing a safer and more efficient lifting solution, modular spreader contribute to time and cost savings. They minimize the need for additional rigging equipment, simplify load handling procedures, and reduce the potential for accidents or damage to the load or surrounding structures. This efficiency translates into increased productivity and decreased downtime.
Spreader Beam ox Worldwide parts

As you can see in our catalogue, we have a wide range of capacities and lengths for our Spreader Beams.

OX-SB-09, OX-SB-17, OX-SB-24, OX-SB-34, OX-SB-50, OX-SB-70, OX-SB-110, OX-SB-110/170, OX-SB-170, OX-SB-170/250, OX-SB-250, OX-SB-250/400, OX-SB-400, OX-SB-400/600, OX-SB-600, OX-SB-800, OX-SB-1350

If your lifting performance requires more specific data, please contact us and we will supply you with data on the latest range of spreader bar lift.

We have differentiated the Seesaw with bracket according to the load capacity and lengths.

If your lifting job requires more specific data, please contact us and our engineers will advise you.


lifting spreader beam ox worldwide


¿Do you need mobility and versatility in your movement of huge loads?

– The Spreader beam is designed and manufactured in accordance with current norms.
– Reduced size and weight, that eases and reduces transportation, storage and installation costs.
– Easy and fast assembly, following the steps on the instructions manual.
– Economic product, replaces a whole range of spreader and beams.
– It is a modular system, you just have to add or remove sections in order to have a new spreader beam adjusted to your needs for any lifting work.
– For a lifting of multiple anchorage points you can combine spreader beams vertically or form a rectangle with the corners.
– All series can be delivered with shackles.
– Series with huge loads use wide body shackles to avoid any damage on the slings.

  • The Spreader Beams can also be called: lifting spreader bar, lifting spreader beam, spreader bar lift, spreader bar hoist, lifting trunnion, spreader beams lifting and also there are other type of spreader beams: the telescopic spreader bar or telescopic spreader beam.

Structural steel and high elastic limit steel, supplied with quality certificate 3.1, are used for the manufacture of the spreader beams.
The basic finishing of our products consists of Sa 2.5 sandblasting according to ISO 8501-1 standards. One layer of zinc phosphate epoxy primer with a thickness of 50 microns and two layers of polyurethane enamel colour RAL 1028. Other grades on request.

We comply with all the necessary certifications

We comply with the provisions in the directives of the European Parlament and from the Council 2006/42/CE, on 17th May 2006, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states on machinery and 2014/30/UE, on 26th February 2014, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states about electromagnetic compatibility, and it has been manufactured in accordance with the following norms:
– UNE-EN ISO 12100: 2012. Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction
– UNE-EN 13155:2004+A2:2009. Cranes. Security, static equipment for lifting loads.
– UNE-EN ISO 3834-2:2006. Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials – Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirement
We have obtained DNV-GL quality certification, for our Spreader Beams from 9 tons to 1350 tons of load, a requirement that proves that we work with the highest quality standards.
-Certificates DNV
– DNV GL standard DNVGL-ST-0378 Standard for offshore and platform lifting appliances
– DNV GL standard DNVGL-ST-0377 Standard for shipboard lifting.

Do you have to lift a very long load but not so heavy?

The cone adapters are the solution
The cone adapters are placed between the end unit of a certain load and the intermediate sections of upper models. In this way, it is possible use the lifting spreader bar with more length without having to increase the model of the end unit, Drop Link and shackles.
-Reduction of end units and Drop Links in size and cost
-Reduction of upper and lower shackles in size and cost.


The Spreader Frame, the force of joining several Spreader Beams

The Spreader Frame or Lifting Frame can be adapted to various configurations and sizes, easy to assemble and disassemble. And they are used to lift multiple types of loads that need more than 2 lifting points.

The maximum length depends on the model of the section, but the maximum capacity of the set becomes the total load of the terminals.

Lifting Beams, Adjustable Lifting beams and Multilug Beams

Are elements designed for the manipulation of loads. They are manufactured with beam, structural tube or electrowelded box beam where fixation elements to the superior crane part and bottom accessories to the load are designed.
These are lifting technical solutions designed under the requisites of each customer, strictly according to the design, manufacture, quality and security norms.

1. Lifting Beams are elements for the handling of loadsThey are placed between the crane and the tool to be manipulated to improve the stability and safety of the movement of the load.
There are as many lifting beam models as our customers have requirements. They are custom designed to solve the lifting of loads of each client, strictly complying with design and manufacturing regulations. They can be fixed, adjustable, in the form of “H”, rectangular, rotating, telescopic … Or a mixture of all. At OX Worldwide we have designed and manufactured lifting beams to handle loads from 100 kg to 180 tonnes.
They are usually manufactured with a beam, structural tube or electrowelded box to which the necessary upper and lower suspension elements are added. The upper elements are those that are attached to the crane (or cranes) and the lower elements are those that are attached to the load.

2. Adjustable lifting beams (Eco Beams), The Eco Beam is an economical and fast-delivery.
In OX Worldwide we have stock of the semi-manufactured products that make up the Eco Beams, with which it is quick to assemble the lifting beam required by the customer within the range of capacities from 1 to 20 tons and lengths from 1 to 4 m.
The frame of the Eco Beam / consists of one structure with a pattern of holes, a central lifting point and two drop links at the ends. The result is a fixed lifting beam. The fixed parts are screwed with its tightening torque and sealed by OX Worldwide.

3. Multilug Beams or multi-point beams is a versatile solution for hoisting loads as it has multiple lifting configurations: both with a single pull from one point for reduced height or by means of a two-leg grab for greater balance, even being able to be used as beam to add two cranes and enable the hoisting of loads that exceed the unit capacity of the cranes.

The Spreader Beams can also be called lifting trunnion, LIFTING SPREADER BAR, lifting spreader beam.

Lifting Spreader beam can have many applications and is used in all industrial sectors, normaly the hook lifting the spreader beams below the hook with slings.

We can manufacture with hook lifting device or not, but always spreader beams are adjustable lifting beam to several of your needs, lifting and rigging of any type.

Spreader beams and adjustable beams lifting never must to lift off center loads. Beams spreader beams are our flagship product, and spreader beams also plate lifting beams.

Lifting beam and spreader beam ligting they are devices in all industrial sectors. Beams and lifting are most our product selling and lifting beams are designed by our engineers and certificates and lifting beams.

They are very often used by biggest road crane (Spreader beam crane). And we are specialized of spreaer beam design and spreader beam calculation, all kinds of speader bar for spreader beam hire.

Normaly the hook lifting the spreader beam below the hook, and the load it is placed under the spreader beam, hanging from slings. In other words the Speader bar is hook lifting device and it use is for lifting and rigging, with all off center loads on safetly way. And sprader beams are always adjustable lifting because is a modular and customizable system. We can learn you to spreader beam design calculator.


The Telescopic Spreader Beams, it ‘s the easiest to assemble, in 2 minutes it will be ready!





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