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Rotating Trolleys


Machine moving skates can move up to 6 tons


Rotating Transpot Trolleys Ox or Machine moving skates, have a load capacity of 3,000 kg to 6,000 kg.
For easy and safe transport of heavy loads and machines, they are equipped with a galvanized drawbar with handle. All turning trolleys are made with robust welding technology.
Adjustable width transport trolleys consist of two individual loading trolleys with a galvanized connecting bar.
The wheels are made of polyurethane and polyamide material, equipped with 2 radial bearings.
Alternatively, the rotating transport trolleys can be equipped with Vulkollan rollers, available on request.
All loading surfaces are equipped with non-slip rubber loading pads. The low height of only 110mm is compatible with common transport systems.
The trolleys of the new line of rotating transport trolleys are manufactured in the European Union.

machine moving skates

machine moving skates TECHNICAL FEATURES

– Rotating trolley (turns 360º).
– Mobile platform with free wheels.
– Loads from 3,2 to 6 tons.
– It can be combined with manual trolleys.
– Polyamide wheels.
– It is recommended the transported load to be two thirds of the capacity of the set of rotating trolleys chosen by the customer.
– The transported load must cover at least 70% of the support rubber surface (dimension D) and the weight must be centered.
– The rotating trolleys have a Ø20mm central hole that allows the customer to fix the load to the device. As well as a lateral hole of Ø22mm to place a shackle of 3.25t to manipulate the trolley with no load on it.


– Steel wheels.
– Galvanized finish.
– Other dimensions can be manufactured under request.


It’s mandatory to use, at least, three points of support and the center of gravity has to be known and centered. You can combine the machine moving skates and the rotating trolleys.

moving skate
skates for moving machinery
machine moving skates


Of 4 and 6 tons per unit.

Immediate delivery

rotating trolleys

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