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OUR PRODUCTS, Transportation Industry Equipment!

Spreader beams Ox Worldwide
Spreader beams Ox Worldwide
Telescopic Spreader Beam
Telescopic Spreader Beam
Lifting Beams Ox Worldwide
Lifting Beams Ox Worldwide
Adjustable Lifting Beam (Eco Beam)
Adjustable Lifting Beam (Eco Beam)

Advantages of working with Ox WORLDWIDE

AFTER 30 YEARS, We are leaders
in the manufacture Transportation Industry Equipment! 

Ox Worldwide, it’s a lifting company, we have been working for 30 years designing and manufacturing Transportation Industry Equipment.
We are one of the few players in the current market that can offer equipment immediately, thanks to our stock management, throughout our worldwide network of distributors.

Ox Worldwide has built out a global lifting engineering. We started 30 years ago, it’s been difficult, and we’ve learned lessons along the way.  Many of the things we got right, came from key people who had run global teams before (and knew the mistakes they didn’t want to repeat). We create equipments to lift all types of machinery, up to 1350 tons, that is why our calculations and tests have the highest standards of efficiency and safety, something basic to make lifting equipment, cranes machinery, heavy machinery, machinery movers, heavy equipment suppliers, material handling equipment, lift machine, hoisting equipment for industrial lifting.

That is why we are constantly audited and we have all the certifications of our Transportation Industry Equipment.


The basis for creating profitable and functional products with the latest advances


After 30 years, we have learned from our mistakes and perfected our equipment. 


We have all the accreditations and certifications, safety and efficiency is our priority. 


Our network of distributors are of great help to have inmediate delibery. 



The Project cargo is a term used to broadly describe the national or international transportation of large, heavy, high value or a critical (to the project they are intended for) pieces of equipment. Also commonly referred to as Heavy lift.

This includes shipments made of various components which need disassembly for shipment and reassembly after delivery.

Project cargo is also a term used in the international insurance industry to describe DSU (Delay in Start Up) Marine Insurance, a specialized form of Marine cargo insurance.

project cargo equipment
project cargo equipment



stocks products Ox Worldwide


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