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Manual Trolley are able to move up to 24 tons

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The OX-TROLLEYS systems are groups of normal trolleys, that are able to move loads up to 24 tons. They are made up of a trolley with a rotating platform and pulling bar with polyurethane rollers, or with steel or polyamide rollers. All the range of trolleys (6, 12, 18 and 24 tons) have the same height, being able to be combined among them and achieving various combinations in loading capacity and number of holding points.


  • Manual Trolley Ox 6 tons
  • Manual Trolley Ox 12 tons
  • Manual Trolley Ox 18 tons
  • Manual Trolley Ox 24 tons


Ox Rotating Trolleys

  • 4t Ox-CG 4 Rotating Trolley
  • 6t Ox-CG 6 Rotating Trolley

Technical Features

  • Rotating trolley (turns up to 360º)
  • Mobile platform with free wheels
  • Turns 360º
  • Loads from 4 to 6 tons
  • It can be combined with manual trolleys
  • Polyamide wheel
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