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More solutions for liftings loads! Load Trolleys and Spreader Beam for heavy loads

More solutions for lifting loads¡

At Ox Worldwide of CFB Group, we continue to create solutions to very specific needs, in this case for a well-known company in the hydroelectric and wind sector. In this case our team of engineers needed to find very specific solutions for the transport of loads by means of trolleys for loading and a lifting beam for large loads.

Transfer cars

Load trolleys Ox Worldwide

Supply for wind farm of 3 set of carts for the storage of wind turbine spare parts with capacities of 5, 10 and 20 tons. The supply also includes rails, travel stops as well as a particular movement system.

load trolleys OxWorldwide 4

For the movement of the load trolleys, a cable drag system is also supplied, with manual operation with lever. The system requires two systems, one at each end of the route, one to pull and another retaining the load preventing it from being accelerated accidentally in case of existing slope. With this system it is possible to avoid motorizing the three carts being a very economical and feasible solution for this application: eventual load movements.

load trolleys Ox Worldwide 2

Spreader Beam for heavy loads


Solution for lifting large loads consisting of using two adjacent cranes and add their lifting capacity with the use of a lifting beam. On this occasion, shackles are used for the coupling, both superior and inferior, due to their economy and versatility. Additionally, it has a central attachment point for handling the tool itself by means of a single crane as well as legs to facilitate its stable storage.

Load trolleys Ox Worldwide
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