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Swivel beam Ox Worldwide: Special designs for very specific needs

The rotating lifting beams can be, in turn, fixed, adjustable, telescopic, simple or even H-shaped.
They consist of two welded structures: a tube or beam with the top suspension elements and another tube or beam with the elements that will grab the load. Between both parts a rotating crown is incorporated. The turn is motorized and you can include limit switches with predefined positions or infinite turns, weighing, load sensors, etc.
Generally the swivel beam is used with two cranes, because the movement is more stable, therefore, it must be supplied with two fixed top suspensions. In the case of having only one crane, the lifting beam with a central top suspension could be used, blocking the rotation of the crane.

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  • Multiple beams and/or box beam.
  • Top suspension element: 2 minimum.
  • Simple or two eyes / Pin / Master link / Masterlink with two legs.
  • Bottom Accessories: 2 minimum.
  • Eye in the end / Double hook in the end /Weldable hook in the end / Weldable hook in beam / Suspension hook / Multi-eye sheet.

* Other dimensions can be manufactured on order.

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