Rectangular beam Ox Worldwide

Rectangular beam Ox Worldwide: These are lifting technical solutions designed under the requisites of each customer

The rectangular lifting beams are designed to have at least four suspension elements; but it is advisable to choose this model only when more lifting points are needed, since they are heavier than the “H” lifting beams.

The advantage of rectangular lifting beams is that they have four sides to weld the suspension elements.

rectangular beam Ox Worldwide 1
rectangular beam Ox Worldwide
  • Multiple beams, structure without supporting welding.
  • Minimum height loss.
  • Top suspension element: 1 minimum.
  • Simple or two eyes / Pin / Master link / Masterlink with two legs.
  • Bottom Accessories: 4 minimum.
  • Eye in the end / Double hook in the end / Weldable hook in the end / Weldable hook in beam / Suspension hook / Multi-eye sheet.

* Other dimensions can be manufactured on order.

The most common configuration in rectangular beam is a rectangular tube structure with weldable lifting points on the sides or fixed suspension elements at points where movement requires it.


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