Cross Beam Ox Worldwide

Cross beam Ox Worlwide: Special designs for very specific needs

The cross-shaped lifting beams are the most suitable for handling “big-bags”.
The most recurrent and economical cross beaml is a welded cross-shaped structure, with all sides equal, with a single top eye in the center and four hooks at the ends. All suspension elements are fixed.

Cross Beam Ox Worldwide
  • Multiple beams.
  • Minimum height loss.
  • Top suspension element: 1 minimum.
  • Simple or two eyes / Pin / Master link / Masterlink with two legs.
  • Bottom Accessories: 4 minimum.
  • Eye in the end / Double hook in the end / Weldable hook in the end / Weldable hook in beam / Suspension hook / Multieye sheet.

* Other dimensions can be manufactured on order.

At OX Worldwide we have developed a new design of cross beam with super reduced height to solve the problems of some of our customers. It is a lifting beam with a welded structure in the shape of a cross, with all sides equal, with a simple top eye in the center, with the hooks screwed in the upper area of the structure, being able to be placed in the outermost area or more internal structure to regulate the height of the “big-bag”.


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