Adjustable lifting beams Ox Worldwide

Adjustable lifting beams Ox Worldwide: The most usual solution of beam loads.

The adjustable lifting beams are usually formed by a single beam structure to which are incorporated the displaceable elements that allow the regulation of the useful length. When a length change is made, it must be checked that the center of gravity is centered with respect to the top eye before performing the lifting.

Adjustable lifting beams Ox Worldwide
  • Multiple beams, structure without supporting welding.
  • Minimum height loss.
  • Quick adjustment due to the tyres with handles.
  • Top suspension element: 1 minimum.
  • Simple or two eyes / Pin / Master link /Masterlink with two legs.
  • Bottom Accessories: 2 minimum.
  • Eye in the end / Double hook in the end / Weldable hook in the end / Weldable hook inbeam / Suspension hook / Multi-eye sheet.

* Other dimensions can be manufactured on order.

The most frequent design of the adjustable lifting beam is a simple top eye fixed at the center and two bottom eyes movable at the ends.

With this option, little height is lost and all the suspension elements can be without the welding supporting any loads.


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