Adjustable H beam Ox Worldwide

Adjustable H beam Ox Worldwide: We are specialists in this type of tool

The adjustable H lifting beams are H-shaped structures with movable suspension elements. The regulation can go in one direction (transverse or longitudinal) or in two directions (transverse and longitudinal).
In the event that the lifting beam is only transversely adjustable, the transverse beams are welded to the central structure and the bottom adjustable suspension elements are placed.
If the lifting beam is adjustable longitudinally, it is the transverse beams themselves that move with a plate similar to the adjustable movable attachment. In this case, the lifting beam is removable and less bulky to transport and / or store

adjustable H beam Ox Worldwide
  • Multiple beams, structure without supporting welding.
  • Minimum height loss.
  • Quick adjustment due to the tyres with handles.
  • Top suspension element: 1 minimum.
  • Simple or two eyes / Pin / Master link /Masterlink with two legs.
  • Bottom Accessories: 4 minimum.
  • Eye in the end / Double hook in the end /Weldable hook in the end / Weldable hook in beam / Suspension hook / Multi-eye sheet.

* Other dimensions can be manufactured on order.


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