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container spreader Ox Worldwide

At Ox Worldwide we manufacture systems and machines for lifting / transporting all types of loads.
We manufacture lifting elements for the maritime sector, container spreader. Sea containers can be moved, with rectangular lifting beams that have a twist lock at each corner.

The result is a structure as big as the container to handle. The least bulky and most economical option is to use a fixed lifting beam, with a single beam structure, the width of the container. On the lower elements of the suspension, four cable chains with a twislock side lock are placed at the ends to find the base of the container. The same lifting beam is used to handle 20 ‘, 40’ and 40 ‘HC containers.

We have several types of container spreaders according to the needs and use of each client:

– Rotating Container Spreader
– Container spreader with Adjustable Center of Gravity
– FORM Container spreader
– Detachable container spreader

spreader containers Ox Worldwide render
container spreader Ox Worldwide render
container spreader Ox Worldwide render1


  • Spreader for 20 and 40 foot containers.
  • Maximum capacity: 35t
  • Approximate Tara: 500 Kg.
  • A single model with two top shooting options:
    • Central draft with shackle and ring.
    • Lateral shot for two-legged octopus.
  • We have all the necessary accessories for container handling: shackles, rings, chains, twistlocks … All served in a single order.
  • Finished in RAL 2004. We can offer other finishes and customization. Price, to consult.
  • In stock

OX-DUPLO Container Spreader Ref. 803LBA0035CTB


container spreader Ox Worldwide features


Central pull with shackle and ring: minimum lost height.
Lateral pull for two-legged octopus: more useful height is required but the maneuver is more stable.
Both pulling options offer crane versatility, being able to change the ring size if necessary.

The material we have used for container spreader is: S275 steel for beams and S355 steel for the rest of materials. We can design spreader beams in high elastic limit depending on the customer premises.
The basic finishing of our container spreader consists of Sa 2.5 sandblasting according to ISO 8501-1 standards. One layer of zinc phosphate epoxy primer with a thickness of 50 microns and two layers of polyurethane enamel colour RAL 1028. Other grades on request.
We comply with the provisions in the directives of the European Parlament and from the Council 2006/42/CE, on 17th May 2006, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states on machinery and 2014/30/UE, on 26th February 2014, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states about electromagnetic compatibility, and it has been manufactured in accordance with the following norms:
– UNE-EN ISO 12100: 2012. Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction
– UNE-EN 13155:2004+A2:2009. Cranes. Security, static equipment for lifting loads.
– UNE-EN ISO 3834-2:2006. Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials – Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirement
FEM5 building section. Lifting speed 20m/min

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