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Coil car, autonomous trolleys and motorized assemblies are mobile platforms for the transport of all types of loads.


  • Normal speed: 20m / min with acceleration ramp by frequency inverter. Adjustable speed within a 50% range. Other speed ranges are possible but require additional safety elements.
  • Maneuver control with of cable or radiofrequency button. Automated maneuvering is also possible through call-authorization system from several work stations.
  • Anti-crash safety features such as Weatherstrip or Bumper and visual detection type scanner with pre-definable safety ranges.


  • Trolleys on rails fed by furling, electrical outlets or by induction.
  • Filo-guided cars (AGV: Auto Guide Vehicle) with power and electric circuit tracking embedded in the ground.
  • Autonomous cars powered by battery or on-board generator set.
  • Omnidirectional trolleys.
  • Trolleys with additional functions such as: lifting or turning coils, turning or moving matrices, weighing the load, etc …


  • Rail cars can be designed for existing rails or supplied by Ox Worldwide.
  • The Rails can be for anchoring on the surface or for embedding in concrete.
  • Several guide-guided cars can share paths with curves or even go through an endless carousel, even with bifurcations or crossings with each other or with other elements.
  • The battery power is dimensioned for each particular application with at least one full shift required for a full charge of the battery. In case of more intensive requirements, there are alternative flotation charges in predetermined work stations or battery change system.
  • Autonomous and omnidirectional trolleys can fit Polyurethane wheels or super flexible rubber or even pneumatic wheels.
  • The additional functions can be motorized by means of gearmotors, oleohydraúlica, spindles, etc …
Coil car Ox Worldwide Heavy lifting loads 1
Coil car Ox Worldwide Heavy lifting loads 2

Example of application for steel company.

Coil car Ox Worldwide Heavy lifting loads 3

The Cars are designed for all types of loads. One or more coils in longitudinal or transversal position to the direction of travel, molds or dies (flat platform type), plates, long profiles, ferrules or any other type of pieces or even bulk with overturning of the load.

The structure of the car is manufactured in construction steel and designed very robust according to FEM and DIN EN 13155 standards.

The cars fulfill a complementary or substitutive function to the bridge cranes for functions such as moving loads between adjacent ships, moving loads to the outside or other displacements necessary for production.

Common areas of application of the coil car is the movement of steel coils, also in the automotive sector, for the movement of molds and dies, the construction and civil engineering, for transfer of manufacturing subcomponents such as silos, boilers, structures , etc.

We can also design and manufacture any type of platform or trailer suitable for your needs.

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