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Coil car, autonomous trolleys and motorized assemblies are mobile platforms for the transport of all types of loads.

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  • Standard speed: 20m/min. You can raise the speed optionally.
  • Calculation and analysis for finite elements.


  • Driven rail vehicle coil car
  • Remote control coil cars
  • One crane, driven rail coil cars
  • One crane, remote control coil cars
  • Two cranes, driven rail coil cars
  • Two cranes, remote control coil cars

These coil cars are designed for any kind of load. From many coils (1, 2, 3, or 4) in any position, to moulds (platform type). The coil car structure is manufactured with S275 steel and S355 steel. They are strong materials built according to FEM and DIN EN 13155 standards.

The manufacturing options are wide:

  • Driven by rails
  • Remote control – radio control
  • Three-phase power supply – batteries
  • Electro – mechanical
  • Electro – hydraulic
  • Using metallic wrappers – polyamide, vulkollan wheels

These transportation elements can be manufactured for coil cars running on rails, AGV coil cars (remote control), radio control coil cars (outings with protection) and steel sheets coil cars.

Our manufactured products allow the configuration of cradles from 1 to 4 coils, that can be oriented in the direction of travel or in perpendicular.

Other area where we work is the automotive, for the movement of moulds, the construction and civil engineering areas, for components transportation in engineering structures, etc.

We can design any platform or trailer that fits your needs.

We manufacture all kind of coils cars. There are two types of control: driven by rail or by remote control. Under the requisites of the customer we design the power supply, wheels and the top section that fits best with its use. Besides, you can add other accessories as weighing.


  • Steel -Coil – Sheet
  • Automotive components
  • Moulds
  • Structures- Sub-components -Boilers


  • Weighing for coil cars
  • Anti-collision bars
  • Couple for pulling or joining many coil cars
  • Secur-Ite Protection to avoid deformations in the platform
  • Side protections
Coil car Ox Worldwide Heavy lifting loads 1
Coil car Ox Worldwide Heavy lifting loads 2

Example of application for steel company.

Coil car Ox Worldwide Heavy lifting loads 3

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