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Ox Worldwide Catalog V.2. Heavy Lifting Equipment Glad to have finished the new Ox Worlwide Catalog, with new products, new load capacities and all the technical features. New technical data with all the combinations regarding the loads and characteristics of each equipment. After years of effort our group of engineers and manufacturing lifting equipment has managed ...

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Lifting beam prefab homes

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Swivel lifting beam prefab home of a big company in the sector. At Ox Worldwide we have created Swivel lifting beam for lifting prefabricated homes modules up to 45t capacity. It has upper hooks for four crane hooks of 16t and 32t capacity that give it great stability. It has a motorized turning system. The regulation ...

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Manual trolley Ox Worldwide

Manual Trolley are able to move up to 24 tons DESCRIPTION The Ox manual trolleys of the new Econ-Line have a load capacity of 3000 kg, 6000 kg and 12000 kg each unit, for easy and safe transport of heavy loads and machines. “Solo 3” has a transport capacity of 3 tons and is outfitted ...

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Basket Lift and Aerial Platforms

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Basket lift and aerial platforms are structures designed for the elevation of operators, with the current security norms DOWNLOAD CATALOGDOWNLOAD QUESTIONNAIRE Basket lift and aerial platforms are manufactured for several purposes, destined to be used by one or more operators, built in different shapes (circular, rectangular or square). MAIN FEATURES Lifting speed: 20m/min. Calculation and analysis ...

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Coil car Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment - coil car Ox Worldwide
Coil car Ox Worldwide Coil car, autonomous trolleys and motorized assemblies are mobile platforms for the transport of all types of loads. DOWNLOAD OX CATALOG V.2.Download at the bottom The transport surface of the Coil car, Rails car, Transer car and Autonomous car can be flat, with support sleepers, or can be integrated specific elements ...

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DESCARGAS Ox Worldwide catálogo
DOWNLOAD NEW 2019 CATALOGSFill the following form and will have access to the download area. * Please note: The contact details you provide in this form will only be used to follow up on the document / asset that you have downloaded or to keep you informed of the latest news of the company. Please ...


Transfer car Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment - transfer car Ox Worldwide
At Ox Worldwide we design and manufacture industrial transfer car, motorized trolleys and transfer trolleys for all types of tonnages. Whether industrial cars, motorized cars, autonomous cars, rail trolleys or drag cars by cable. We have served our trasnfer cars and trailers for the wind, naval, railway, hydroelectric and aeronautical industries. MORE ABOUT OUR TRANSFER CARSDESCRIPTION ...

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Container spreader Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment - spreader containers Ox Worldwide
Container spreader the solution for the transport and handling of your containers At Ox Worldwide we make systems and machinery for lifting / transporting all types of loads. We have several types of container spreader for containers according to the needs and use of each client: - rotary spreader - spreaders with regulation of the center ...

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Lift table Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment - hidrahulic lifting tablet Ox Worldwide
We design and manufacture the hydraulic lift table, according to your specific needs. The use of the Ox Worldwide hydraulic lift table allows operations to be carried out: Maximum speed, security and profitability. Improvement of people's working conditions, improving efficiency and avoiding possible risks. ORDER QUESTIONAIREVIDEOS WITH REAL LOADS IN OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL DOWNLOAD ...

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