Heavy lifting equipment Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment Ox Worldwide
Heavy lifting equipment - Machine movers WE RETURN TO OUR ACTIVITY! — 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. — CATALOG V.2. DOWNLOAD IT! With new products and features Products Customers News Ox Worldwide Self powered Trolleys arrive in the U.S.New Ox Worldwide catalog More about Ox WorldwideCompanyProductsCertificationsFactoryVision | TaskTermsWhy Ox Worldwide?Company 25 years manufacturing heavy lifting ...

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Rental Services Ox Worldwide

Equipos de elevacion y transporte de cargas Ox Worldwide
Equipment for lifting and maintenance of loads. DOWNLOAD THE NEW RENTAL CATALOG!All products and all features Rental Services at OX Worldwide are called OX Rental. We can help you with a wide range of products at very good prices for operations that require non-ordinary tools in your company, and that may interest you for lowering costs and not ...

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Coil Clamps Ox Worldwide

coil clamps Ox Worldwide
Ox Worldwide designs and manufactures coil clamps, custom-built according to customer needs, for the lifting of all types of coils and of any size. COIL CLAMPS TECHNICAL FEATURES: - Strong steel structure. - Integrated torque geared-motor. - Adjustable, suitable for coils of different sizes and capacities. - Minimum height loss. - Motorized rotation (355º) for ...

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Lifting cushion Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment Ox Worldwide lifting cushion 1
Lifting cushion: The revolutionary transport system by air. DOWNLOAD CATALOG   Aerofilm System authorized distributors for Spain and South America. Lifting cushion can lift and transfer high forces in a constant manner and this is due to a simple but very reliable technique. These lifting cushions can be used for various purposes and the advantages of a lift ...

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