Spreader beams for cranes | Success case (video included)

Spreader beams for cranes Ox Worldwide 5
We believe that it is worth commenting the project "Spreader beams for cranes" that we have delivered recently, and that it is a work of good management within the world of heavy loads and we can qualify as a success case for Ox Worldwide. Spreader Beams for cranes – The project We’re very proud of ...

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How do you calculate the load capacity of a Spreader Beam?

Capacidad de los balancines de carga
Do you know what capacities the load Spreader beams have? At Ox Worldwide we have been manufacturing Spreader Beams or Modular spreader beam for many years. We explain everything so that you know what are the capacities of the load beams you need. What are the OX Spreader Beams? They consist of a modular construction ...

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Self powered Trolleys arrive in the U.S.

Self powered trolleys Ox Worldwide.Main image.
We are proud of the sale of our first Self powered trolleys Ox Worldwide in the United States (Pennsylvania) specifically an OX TBC-60 TROLLEY that is one of the most versatile and in demand in the market. For three months we have been in negotiations with few distributors for the sale of our equipment. Because ...

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Spreader beams – Case of Study

Spreader beams Image
Spreader beams - Case of Study Spreader beams purchase process. The relationship of trust between companies and people, technical solidity, compliance with the agreed conditions and the effectiveness of the solutions presented for specific and demanding sectors - O&G, Energy, Logistics - where safety, technical, logistical and economic profitability are the main goal, are the ...

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New Ox Worldwide catalog

Heavy lifting equipment catalog image

Heavy lifting equipment catalog V.2.

Happy to be able to offer the new Ox Worlwide catalog, with new products and all the technical features.

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