Basket Lift and Aerial Platforms

Basket lift and aerial platforms are structures designed for the elevation of operators, with the current security norms DOWNLOAD CATALOGDOWNLOAD QUESTIONNAIRE Basket lift and aerial platforms are manufactured for several purposes, destined to be used by one or more operators, built in different shapes (circular, rectangular or square). MAIN FEATURES Lifting speed: 20m/min. Calculation and analysis ...

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Ox Worldwide Catalogue

Ox Worldwide Catalog 1
Ox Worldwide Catalogue GENERAL CATALOGAll our products and technical features. Fill the following form and download Ox Worldwide catalog. * Please note: The contact details you provide in this form will only be used to follow up on the document / asset that you have downloaded or to keep you informed of the latest news ...

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Lift table Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment - hidrahulic lifting tablet Ox Worldwide
We design and manufacture the hydraulic lift table, according to your specific needs. The use of the Ox Worldwide hydraulic lift table allows operations to be carried out: Maximum speed, security and profitability. Improvement of people's working conditions, improving efficiency and avoiding possible risks. ORDER QUESTIONAIREVIDEOS WITH REAL LOADS IN OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL DOWNLOAD ...

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Rental Services Ox Worldwide

Equipos de elevacion y transporte de cargas Ox Worldwide
Equipment for lifting and maintenance of loads. DOWNLOAD THE NEW RENTAL CATALOG!All products and all features Rental Services at OX Worldwide are called OX Rental. We can help you with a wide range of products at very good prices for operations that require non-ordinary tools in your company, and that may interest you for lowering costs and not ...

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Coil Clamps Ox Worldwide

coil clamps Ox Worldwide
Ox Worldwide designs and manufactures coil clamps, custom-built according to customer needs, for the lifting of all types of coils and of any size. COIL CLAMPS TECHNICAL FEATURES: - Strong steel structure. - Integrated torque geared-motor. - Adjustable, suitable for coils of different sizes and capacities. - Minimum height loss. - Motorized rotation (355º) for ...

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Fork C Hook Model Ox Worldwide

Fork C Hook Model Ox Worldwide
- GCH Type Fork C Hook is designed under the requisites of every customer. - Fork for lifting and transporting two coils at a time. - Welding and counterweight self-balanced structure. - Easy hand manipulation through side handle. - Hook curvy zones and coatings to avoid damage. - Minimum height loss. GCH Type Fork C Hook ...

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Turner C Hook Model

Turner C Hook Model Ox Worldwide
Turner C Hook model Technical features: - Top fixation element: single eye. Turner C Hook model Options: - Clamp protections depending on the load to manipulate. - Suitable for working at high temperatures. DOWNLOAD THE NEW GENERAL CATALOG!New models and all the features CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION C HOOKS

Simple C hook model Ox Worldwide

simple c hook model Ox Worldwide
Simple C hook model Ox Worldwide: They are easy hand manipulation through side handle Technical features C hooks: - Designed to lift and transport one coil at a time. - Counterweight self-balanced structure. - Easy hand manipulation through side handle. - Hook curvy zones and coatings to avoid damage, under customer’s request. - Minimum height loss. Options: ...

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Special lifting beams Ox Worldwide

Special lifting beams Ox Worldwide
We adapt to every client request to offer a customized beam that properly suits its needs. Group of beams We study and design groups of beams for lifting in a balanced way loads with irregular shapes. Beams for huge loads We manufacture beams for huge loads that can’t be handled with standard structures. CONTACT US FOR ...

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