Spreader Frame Ox Worldwide

Spreader Frame Ox Worldwide imagen
The Spreader Frame the force of joining several Speader Beams SPREADER FRAME CATALOGUE V.2. With all the capacity tables and technical data. The Spreader Frame or Lifting Spreader Frame can be adapted to various configurations and sizes, easy to assemble and disassemble. And they are used to lift multiple types of loads that need more ...

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Swivel spreader Ox Worldwide

swivel spreader Ox Worldwide
Swivel spreader Ox Worldwide: Special designs for very specific needs The rotating lifting beams can be, in turn, fixed, adjustable, telescopic, simple or even H-shaped. They consist of two welded structures: a tube or beam with the top suspension elements and another tube or beam with the elements that will grab the load. Between both parts ...

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Lifting electromagnet Ox Worldwide

[rev_slider_vc alias="electromagnets"]DOWNLOAD ORDER QUESTIONNAIRE Lifting electromagnet or Electromagnetic beams are designed under the requisites of each customer. The number, disposal and magnets type will be calculated depending on your needs. Top suspension element, 1 minimum. Simple or two eyes / Pin / Master link / Masterlink with two legs. Bottom Accessories: 2 electromagnets minimum. Lifting electromagnet ...

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