Transfer car Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment - transfer car Ox Worldwide
At Ox Worldwide we design and manufacture industrial transfer car, motorized trolleys, transfer trolleys, autonomous cars, rail trolleys, rail-mounted self-propelled trailer, heavy duty transfer cart or drag cars by cable for all types of tonnages. We have served our transfer cars and trailers and carts for the wind, naval, railway, hydroelectric and aeronautical industries. Transfer car features: The ...

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Coil car Ox Worldwide

heavy lifting equipment - coil car Ox Worldwide
Coil car Ox Worldwide Coil car and autonomous trolleys are mobile platforms for the transport of all types of loads. DOWNLOAD OX CATALOG V.2. Download at the bottom The transport surface of the Coil car, Rails car, Transer car and Autonomous car can be flat, with support sleepers, or can be integrated specific elements such ...

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Self-propelled trolley Case Studies

Case Studies - heavy lifting
Self-propelled trolley Case Studies Purchase process of the self-propelled Trolley TBC 100t by Baker Hughes of General Electric. BHGE Scotland, needed a solution to move auxiliary equipment in the Oil&Gas sector (subsea) - very fragile equipment and with a very high cost - in a protected and clean environment and whose objective was to increase ...

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