Lifting electromagnet Ox Worldwide

[rev_slider_vc alias="electromagnets"]DOWNLOAD ORDER QUESTIONNAIRE Lifting electromagnet or Electromagnetic beams are designed under the requisites of each customer. The number, disposal and magnets type will be calculated depending on your needs. Top suspension element, 1 minimum. Simple or two eyes / Pin / Master link / Masterlink with two legs. Bottom Accessories: 2 electromagnets minimum. Lifting electromagnet ...

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Cross Beam Ox Worldwide

Cross Beam Ox Worldwide
Cross beam Ox Worlwide: Special designs for very specific needs The cross-shaped lifting beams are the most suitable for handling “big-bags”. The most recurrent and economical cross beaml is a welded cross-shaped structure, with all sides equal, with a single top eye in the center and four hooks at the ends. All suspension elements are fixed. ...

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Adjustable H beam Ox Worldwide

adjustable H beam Ox Worldwide
Adjustable H beam Ox Worldwide: We are specialists in this type of tool The adjustable H lifting beams are H-shaped structures with movable suspension elements. The regulation can go in one direction (transverse or longitudinal) or in two directions (transverse and longitudinal). In the event that the lifting beam is only transversely adjustable, the transverse ...

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Adjustable lifting beams Ox Worldwide

Adjustable lifting beams Ox Worldwide
Adjustable lifting beams Ox Worldwide: The most usual solution of beam loads. The adjustable lifting beams are usually formed by a single beam structure to which are incorporated the displaceable elements that allow the regulation of the useful length. When a length change is made, it must be checked that the center of gravity is centered ...

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Lifting cushion Ox Worldwide

Lifting cushion: The revolutionary transport system by air. DOWNLOAD CATALOG   Aerofilm System authorized distributors for Spain and South America. Lifting cushion can lift and transfer high forces in a constant manner and this is due to a simple but very reliable technique. These lifting cushions can be used for various purposes and the advantages of a lift ...

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Our Company Ox Worldwide

Our Company Ox Worldwide
27 years manufacturing heavy lifting equipment around the world. Ox Worldwide is part of the CFB Group. It was created in 1992 and specialized in the manufacture heavy lifting equipment to provide high solutions for the transport and lifting loads in a safe and controlled way, in any industrial sector. We are dedicated to design, manufacture and ...

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