Adjustable Lifting Beam the Eco Beams

Adjustable Lifting Beam Ox Worldwide
The Eco Beams ― The Adjustable Lifting Beam is fully Versatile. THE MOST ECONOMICAL ADJUSTABLE LIFTING BEAM ON THE MARKET AND IMMEDIATELY SUPPLIED (IN STOCK). The Eco Beam is an economical and fast-delivery adjustable lifting beam. In OX Worldwide we have stock of the semi-manufactured products that make up the Eco Beams, with which it is ...

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Lifting beam Ox Worldwide

Lifting Beams Ox Worldwide
Lifing Beam and Eco Beam the perfect solution for lifting loads NEW CATALOG V.2. Download at the bottom ― Lifting beam PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our Lifting Beams for sale are elements designed for the manipulation of loads. They are manufactured with beam, structural tube or electrowelded box beam where fixation elements to the superior crane (the hook lifting) ...

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Spreader beams – Case of Study

Spreader beams Image
Spreader beams purchase process. The relationship of trust between companies and people, technical solidity, compliance with the agreed conditions and the effectiveness of the solutions presented for specific and demanding sectors - O&G, Energy, Logistics - where safety, technical, logistical and economic profitability are the main goal, are the motto for the success of the ...

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Lifting beam prefab homes

Lifting beam prefab homes image
Swivel lifting beam prefab home of a big company in the sector. At Ox Worldwide we have created Swivel lifting beam for lifting prefabricated homes modules up to 45t capacity. It has upper hooks for four crane hooks of 16t and 32t capacity that give it great stability. It has a motorized turning system. The regulation ...

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Standard beam Ox Worldwide

Standard beam Ox Worldwide are composed of a tube or beam where the suspension elements are welded. Although the elements are fixed, you can choose upper or lower suspensions that do allow regulation, such as the multi-drill plate, to be able to change the position shackle. Standard beams are compound by a Single beam, structure ...

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Telescopic beam Ox Worldwide

Telescopic Beam Ox Worldwide
Telescopic beam Ox Worldwide: These are lifting technical solutions designed under the requisites of each customer The telescopic lifting beams are extensible and adjustable. That is, its volume changes depending on the useful span needed. The telescopic beam are composed of two parts: a central tube and two lateral tubes that move inside the central tube ...

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Swivel spreader Ox Worldwide

swivel spreader Ox Worldwide
Swivel spreader Ox Worldwide: Special designs for very specific needs The rotating lifting beams can be, in turn, fixed, adjustable, telescopic, simple or even H-shaped. They consist of two welded structures: a tube or beam with the top suspension elements and another tube or beam with the elements that will grab the load. Between both parts ...

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Special lifting beams Ox Worldwide

Special lifting beams Ox Worldwide
We adapt to every client request to offer a customized beam that properly suits its needs. Group of beams We study and design groups of beams for lifting in a balanced way loads with irregular shapes. Beams for huge loads We manufacture beams for huge loads that can’t be handled with standard structures. CONTACT US FOR ...

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Rectangular beam Ox Worldwide

rectangular beam Ox Worldwide 1
Rectangular beam Ox Worldwide: These are lifting technical solutions designed under the requisites of each customer The rectangular lifting beams are designed to have at least four suspension elements; but it is advisable to choose this model only when more lifting points are needed, since they are heavier than the “H” lifting beams. The advantage of ...

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