Black Friday 2018 Ox Worldwide EN

Black Friday 2018 Ox Worldwide EN
At Ox Worldwide we lift everything. But not the prices! Sales valid until Monday, November 26 (Friday 21 close at 2:00 p.m.) You can contact us at the bottom¡ AUTOMATIC SHACKLE SALEBlack Friday 2018 Ox Worldwide OX-S35 now 4500€ before 6000€ OX-S55 now 5100€ before 6800€ COMPONENTSFEATURESCOMPONENTS FEATURES The Automatic Shackle is a lifting accessory ...

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Clients Ox Worldwide

Clients Ox Worldwide image
Ox Worldwide is located in Spain, but has clients and distributors in 5 continents. In numbers, the CFB Group has almost 9,000 clients worldwide, and we are aware that we are here thanks to them, that is why we take care of our clients. Our Clients Ox Worldwide know us and know that we have ...

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Rental Services Ox Worldwide

Equipos de elevacion y transporte de cargas Ox Worldwide
Equipment for lifting and maintenance of loads. DOWNLOAD THE NEW RENTAL CATALOG!All products and all features Rental Services at OX Worldwide are called OX Rental. We can help you with a wide range of products at very good prices for operations that require non-ordinary tools in your company, and that may interest you for lowering costs and not ...

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Fork C Hook Model Ox Worldwide

Fork C Hook Model Ox Worldwide
- GCH Type Fork C Hook is designed under the requisites of every customer. - Fork for lifting and transporting two coils at a time. - Welding and counterweight self-balanced structure. - Easy hand manipulation through side handle. - Hook curvy zones and coatings to avoid damage. - Minimum height loss. GCH Type Fork C Hook ...

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Standard beam Ox Worldwide

Standard beam Ox Worldwide are composed of a tube or beam where the suspension elements are welded. Although the elements are fixed, you can choose upper or lower suspensions that do allow regulation, such as the multi-drill plate, to be able to change the position shackle. Standard beams are compound by a Single beam, structure ...

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Telescopic beam Ox Worldwide

Telescopic Beam Ox Worldwide
Telescopic beam Ox Worldwide: These are lifting technical solutions designed under the requisites of each customer The telescopic lifting beams are extensible and adjustable. That is, its volume changes depending on the useful span needed. The telescopic beam are composed of two parts: a central tube and two lateral tubes that move inside the central tube ...

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Special lifting beams Ox Worldwide

Special lifting beams Ox Worldwide
We adapt to every client request to offer a customized beam that properly suits its needs. Group of beams We study and design groups of beams for lifting in a balanced way loads with irregular shapes. Beams for huge loads We manufacture beams for huge loads that can’t be handled with standard structures. CONTACT US FOR ...

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Fixed H Beam Ox Worldwide

adjustable H beam Ox Worldwide
Fixed H Beam Ox Worldwide: one of the best-selling products Fixed H beam are H-shaped structures. They consist of a beam or central tube where one or more top suspension elements and two beams are welded at the ends, where four or more lower suspension elements are placed. Usually the “H” beams are welded to the central ...

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