Swivel Lifting Beam J Hook

Swivel Lifting Beam J Hook Ox Worldwide 1
Swivel Lifting Beam J Hook Ox Worldwide One of our Russian clients is dedicated to the manufacture of wind towers, so you need a lifting Beam with a J hook to hold the sections of the towers. The response of our engineering department was to create a simple and smart solution. They designed a Swivel ...

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Lifting beam prefab homes

Lifting beam prefab homes image
Swivel lifting beam prefab home of a big company in the sector. At Ox Worldwide we have created Swivel lifting beam for lifting prefabricated homes modules up to 45t capacity. It has upper hooks for four crane hooks of 16t and 32t capacity that give it great stability. It has a motorized turning system. The regulation ...

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Coil Clamps Ox Worldwide

coil clamps Ox Worldwide
Ox Worldwide designs and manufactures coil clamps, custom-built according to customer needs, for the lifting of all types of coils and of any size. COIL CLAMPS TECHNICAL FEATURES: - Strong steel structure. - Integrated torque geared-motor. - Adjustable, suitable for coils of different sizes and capacities. - Minimum height loss. - Motorized rotation (355º) for ...

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Our Company Ox Worldwide

Nuestra empresa Ox Worldwide
27 years manufacturing heavy lifting equipment around the world. Ox Worldwide is part of the CFB Group. It was created in 1992 and specialized in the manufacture heavy lifting equipment to provide high solutions for the transport and lifting loads in a safe and controlled way, in any industrial sector. We are dedicated to design, manufacture and ...

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