Coil Clamps Ox Worldwide

Ox Worldwide designs and manufactures coil clamps, custom-built according to customer needs, for the lifting of all types of coils and of any size.


– Strong steel structure.
– Integrated torque geared-motor.
– Adjustable, suitable for coils of different sizes and capacities.
– Minimum height loss.
– Motorized rotation (355º) for a solid placement.
– 380V 50Hz power supply.
– Switch limit to restrict the opening and closing of arms.
– Load sensors on feet and arms to avoid the opening of the clamp.
– 3 light indicators for a safe manipulation of the load.
– Four welded hooks (two in each front of the clamp).


– ±0,1% accuracy weighing system incorporated.
– Clamp without rotating.
– Radio system for driving the clamp / crane + clamp.
– Clamp holder.
– 380V 50Hz hose reel power supply.
– Other tensions and frequencies.
– Clamp protections depending on the load to manipulate.
– Suitable for working at high temperatures.

coil clamps Ox Worldwide