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C Hook and Coil Clamps are elements designed to lift coils in a balanced and controlled way.


C hooks and coil clamps by Ox Worldwide are elements designed to lift coils in a balanced and controlled way.
Depending on the premises of the customer, the shape of the C type hook can be: beam or tube, metal sheet or electrowelded box.

There are several types of C Hook Ox Worldwide:


– Designed to lift and transport one coil at a time.
– Counterweight self-balanced structure.
– Easy hand manipulation through side handle.
– Hook curvy zones and coatings to avoid damage, under customer’s request.
– Minimum height loss.

C Hook Ox Worldwide

Check the features of each C Hook: Simple C Hook Model, Rotating C Hook, Turner C Hook, Forck C hook Model, Double C hook Model, Coil Clamps, J Hook

C Hook Models 1
C Hook Models 2
C Hook Models 3
C Hook Models 4
C Hook Models 5
C hook models 6
C Hook Models 7


The material used in the C Hook may be different in every case. They can be manufactured with S275 steel structured profile. Or with S355 steel with hot rolling tubes. They can be extracted through laser cutting or oxycutting from a S355 or S690 steel piece, depending on the size. They could also be manufactured from treated special steel for high capacity.


Surface preparation by sandblasting according to s/UNE EN – ISO 12944-4 standard, UNE EN ISO 8501 (SA 2 1/2) cleaning degree.
First preparatory coat of epoxi zinc phosphate 60 micros of thickness and 2 layers of 60 micras of polyurethane enamel finish, yellow, RAL 1028. Other colours must be specified, with no additional cost.
Special protection: previous preparation 1 layer of inorganic silicate 80 micras additional to the last one (under request). Thickness validation under standards ISO 2409, ISO 2808.


We comply with the provisions in the directives of the European Parlament and from the Council 2006/42/CE, on 17th May 2006, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states on machinery and 2014/30/UE, on 15th December 2004, regarding the approach of several legislations of the member states about electromagnetic compatibility, and it has been manufactured in accordance with the following norms:
UNE-EN ISO 12100: 2012. Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction
UNE-EN 13155: 2004+A2:2009. Cranes. Security, static equipment for lifting loads.
UNE-EN ISO 3834-2: 2006. Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials – Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirement
FEM5 building section. Lifting speed 20m/min.

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