OxWorldwide News November 17

New products for new demands

Spreader Beam 600t x 8 mts

600t Spreader Beam in a test load of a ship, in this case 400t, with a load achieved by water bags.

As a particular feature of this supply is the element called DROP LINK (or descending unit) (See 3rd Picture) that is intended to lift the load in a central point or, as in the case of the water bags, lifting two units with two shackles each,

The terminal is manufactured according to the new evolution without additional steel plates which facilitates the welding process and avoids holes and accumulation of water and preventing oxidation, much appreciated in marine environment.

The finish on this occasion is gray, normally we have material in stock in yellow RAL1028 and can also be supplied in any color on request.

To get an idea of the dimension of the elements, consider that they are on an European pallet (size 1200x800mm).

lifting loads 1
lifting loads 1



“C” HOOK SWL 30t (6 UNITS)






















Supply of 6 units C Hooks of 30t capacity with protections of HDPE in the three interior faces to prevent damage to the material of the steel coil.
The protections are bolted for easy replacement.
The supply includes a lifting 2 leg chain sling in each unit.
In this particular case the client has requested the painting of the back in color RAL 2005 Luminous Orange and other safety codes.

We can produce any kind of C hook you may need and paint it with any colour you want.

OxWorldwide News November 17
Lifting loads hook C