Oxworldwide News January 18

We started the year hooked up!

We hope your start of year is going fine!
Here at the OxWorldwide we have continued working this Christmas to provide effective solutions to the demands of our customers. We have carried out several projects on C-Hooks, each with different characteristics and functionalities.


This lifting tool type C-Hook of 2.5t capacity for lifting tubes through the hole. Its design of movable top lifting points allows him to hoist the tool in balanced emptiness as well as, the two positions of hoist, allow the manipulation of two different lengths of tubes. With this configuration a very low own weight tool is achieved. On the other hand, it is necessary to support the own weight of the tool on the load to allow to move the masterlink, but this maneuver can be done by manipulating the crane from a distance.
If the tool cannot be supported, it can be counterbalanced as you can see in the tool of the following image.

Another C-Hook for the lifting of loads, of 15t capacity for lifting steel ferrules. This time weighted and loaded counterbalanced. It has superior hooking by a two-leg chain sling that provides greater stability to the load. The two legs are separated and each has its own masterlink which allows the use of both with a double hook type (DIN 15402) and/or a single hook (DIN 15401). It has a support base covered in Polyurethane screwed to not damage the ferrule as well as a rear attachment point to tie a rope to hold or twist the suspension hook of the crane hook.


This kind of C-Hook is designed to easily extract moulds from inside the presses.

You can easily attach the hook to the mould by screwing some bolts, allows the lifting of loads with a leveling of the load by means of a spindle powered by hand wheel. The regulation allows to extract and manipulate the mould in different assembly states and therefore with different positions of the center of mass.


And a typical C-Hook for lifting and tilting steel coils with 1750kg capacity, to tilt coils palletized in horizontal position and place them in a winder or in a mill in vertical position. Its light weight allows to manipulate it easily by the handle carved in the own body.
The low height of the claw allows to go under the coil usually supported on wooden slats. This tool can be the economic option to a floor tilter that does not require the intervention and close handling of the operator.

Text by Carles Simon. Technical Office Management Telf. 93 289 54 74
Email. oftecnica@cfblasant.com.
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